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Specializing in Adoption Services, Adoption Education & Support,
and Counseling services for Women, Teens, & Families

Birthparent Hospital Support 

The social worker will ensure hospital is informed of the plan and will inquire about the hospital’s procedures, if hospital is adoption friendly, their procedures for adoption placements, etc. This will help the adoptive parents and birthparents be prepared and have an idea of what to expect.

The Social work will provide emotional support during this time via phone contact and a visit to hospital as requested by the birthparent for support during consent signing and experience. The social worker will provide guidance and emotional support to the adoptive family as well. Hospital plans are always tentative and can change based on birthparent’s wishes at that time or hospital’s involvement, so be prepared to “go with the flow,” and follow the direction of your social worker.

During the hospital experience, It is imperative to follow the birthmother’s wishes. Whether she wants time to spend with baby or wants you to be involved and there to assist, follow her lead. Be sensitive to her emotions during this time, and remember this is the only time she is able to spend alone with baby, if she desires, prior to signing to terminate her rights. 

Birthparent Pre-and Post-Adoption Support and Counseling 

We provide emotional support, guidance, & counseling to expectant parents making an adoption plan - from when you are starting the process, throughout the pregnancy and birth, and following the placement. Our goal is to ease the process, connect you with a family of your choice, be a source of support during your pregnancy, and prepare you for the grief and loss involved with the adoption process. Our counselors are experienced, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) who specialize in adoption education and counseling. 

After placement, we believe it is very important that birthparents continue to have access to support and counseling to address ongoing grief/loss. Counseling is offered in person, phone, or video; depending on birthparent's preference. 

*All services to expectant parents and birthparents making an adoption plan are provided at no cost.