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Florida Home Study Services

Initial Home Study Consultation

We provide in-person home study consultations to individuals and families who reside in Florida and are ready to pursue adoption as a way to expand their family. 

The initial 2-hour home study consultation is the first, required step for our home study services. Prior to scheduling your home study consultation, we require individual/families to complete the Home Study Application. You will have the opportunity to meet with a licensed clinical social worker to discuss your specific situation and needs, and basic information will be gathered in preparation for the the home study.

Upon appropriate completion of the consultation, your social worker will continue working with you to complete your home study. 

*Fees for this service will be applied to the domestic home study total cost.

Home Study/Home Study Update


What to expect during the Home Study Consultation 

  • A review a discussion of prospective adoptive parent(s) home study application, individual/family's needs and adoption preferences. 
  • Education on the adoption process, adoption and birthparent myth/stereotypes, grief and loss in adoption, and parenting an adopted child
  • Education and review of required home study documentation
  • Adoption handouts and resources
  • Access to  online client portal for home study documentation and additional adoption information and resources


We complete domestic home studies and home study updates for individuals and families pursuing a private adoption for an infant or child up to 5 years old. 

Our licensed clinical social workers will guide you through the entire home study process, from obtaining and reviewing all required documentation, completing interviews, adoption education specific to your needs, and the in-home visit. 

Upon approval, you will receive a copy of your home study report that is required for an adoptive placement of an infant or child. Your home study will satisfy all requirements necessary for a domestic adoptive placement.

Expedited services are also available for time-sensitive situations.

FL Domestic Adoption Home Study

Our goal is to make the Home Study Process easy for our clients by...

  • Providing a document checklist and detailed instructions on completing all required documents
  • Access to our client portal where all required documents can be downloaded
  • Providing families with a Home Inspection Checklist in order to prepare for the inspection portion of the home visit
  • Upon completion of the home study report, we provide families with a document expiration list to easily track when forms need to be updated