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Specializing in Adoption Services, Adoption Education & Support,
and Counseling services for Women, Teens, & Families

Expectant/Birthparent Support and Counseling

We offer support and counseling services for expectant parent(s) making an adoption plan 

as well as for birthparent(s) who have placed their baby/child for adoption.

Services are a combination of weekly/bi-weekly counseling sessions via in-person and/or phone 

with the ability to have phone/text contact with adoption support professional (counselor) as needed for support. 

Post-placement support and counseling is provided up to 3 months after placement.

Topics include but are not limited to: grief/loss, openness, communication/relationship building with adopting family, preparing for hospital/birth, exploring role/identity as a birthparent, and discussing adoption with children currently parenting. The adoption support professional will provide resources for local/online birthparent support as well as any other appropriate community referrals. Birthparent(s) are eligible for support check-ins at the 6-month and 1-year interval after placement and additional resources/referrals may be provided as needed.

Please contact us directly for more information regarding our support services!