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Specializing in Adoption Services, Adoption Education & Support,
and Counseling services for Women, Teens, & Families

Adoption Support Sessions

Individuals and families are able to engage in one-on-one sessions for additional guidance and support 
while they continue to explore adoption options, during the wait period of the adoption process,
 and/or throughout an adoptive match and placement. 

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Q: Who would benefit from Support Sessions?
A: Support Sessions are available to any prospective adoptive parent(s) currently working with Foundations for Growth in services as well as  prospective adoptive parent(s) working with other adoption professionals/agencies/attorneys. 

Possible reasons for seeking Adoption Support Sessions include:
  • Prospective adoptive parent(s) can receive guidance during the process
  • Adoption education and resources (openness, transracial adoption, substance exposure, etc)
  • Feedback and support regarding potential birthmother contact
  • Guidance and feedback on networking your adoption journey
  • Assistance with preparing family and friends for adoption journey

Q: Where do Support Sessions occur?
A: Sessions are offered in-person, phone, and/or video for a duration of either 45-minutes or 60-minutes depending on need and preference. 

Q: What is the fee for support session?
A: 45-minute sessions= $75/session 
      60-minutes sessions=$100/session


In order to schedule Adoption Support Session(s), we recommend contacting us via email at or by calling us at (813)658-8071 or (813)773-5767,

to first discuss your specific needs and to schedule an appointment!