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Adoption Consultation

Our Adoption Consultation service consists of a 1.5 hours in-person meeting or video/ phone conference with a licensed professional to discuss options for individuals or families considering adoption to expand their family. 

This service helps ensure individuals and couples are making an informed decision about expanding their family and allows you the opportunity to ask specific questions related to your family's needs. 

Resources and information specific to your individual and family's needs will be provided. 

Our knowledgeable social workers will provide individual/couples with the following information:

  • Education on the different types of adoption entities                       (i.e. licensed professionals, agencies, attorneys, etc)
  • Types of adoption and the impact on the adoption triad members
  • Common adoption terminology 
  • Education on the adoption process
  • How to network your adoption journey 

In order to schedule an Adoption Consultationwe recommend contacting us via email at or by calling us at (813)658-8071 or (813)773-5767, 

to first discuss your specific situation and to schedule an appointment!