Foundations for Growth            

Specializing in Adoption Services, Adoption Education & Support,
and Counseling services for Women, Teens, & Families

Who We Are

Our Story

Foundations for Growth was created with a mission to bridge the gap in adoption-related services, particularly regarding education, support, and counseling services for members of the adoption triad while also providing mental health counseling services. It all began when the founders, Audra Coons and Katherine Roth, had the opportunity to work as colleagues for a national, private adoption agency specializing in open adoption, where they received innovative yet evidenced-based training on open adoption practices. They quickly found that their passion for serving the adoption community mirrored one another and their ability to work as a powerful team became seamless.

Over the past several years, Audra and Kathy have encountered many birth and adoptive families who were in need of a passionate adoption professional with not only knowledge on the process, but also with clinical expertise in addressing their emotional and behavioral needs. They were inspired by this need and Foundations for Growth was born. The dynamic duo is focused on providing quality and compassionate services while aiming to debunk adoption myths and stereotypes among our society and within the adoption community. Foundations for Growth provides services for individuals, families, and professionals including pre-placement adoption services, educational and support services, post-adoption related concerns, and mental health counseling.

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